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Coffin Joe
Unholy undertaker, evil philosopher, denizen of dreams and hallucinations...Coffin Joe, with his trademark top hat, black cape and talon-like fingernails, is a horror icon in his native Brazil. Revered as the national boogeyman, Coffin Joe has been immortalized in films, TV shows, radio programs, comic books and popular songs. He is the creation of writer-director-star Jose Mojica Marins whose perversely original and strangely personal filmmaking style has been compared to an unholy blend of Mario Bava, Luis Bunuel and Russ Meyer. Distinctive Dummies are proud to announce this fully authorised piece for Pallbearer Press. We are proud to present the Coffin Joe 8" Megostyle figure.
Coffin Joe 8" Megostyle Figure
Fully Authorized​
Type S Bandless Body​
Paints by Martin Cage​​
Custom Handmade Clothing 
​Sculpt by Chris Elizardo
Box Illustration by Craig Holloway
Insert Illustration by Pyromallis
Layout and Design by Merrit
Handmade and Limited to 100​​​​​

This figure was made for Pallbearer Press. We only have a few available here on the Distinctive Dummies Website. If the figure is unavailable, please head over to the Pallbearer Press Website at https://pallbearerpress.com
Price $90.00 Which Includes Worldwide Shipping
Shipping March 18th 2019