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The Prowler- AKA Rosemary's Killer 
Distinctive Dummies are once again proud to team up with Pallbearer Press for our wonderful, authorized figure of The Prowler - AKA Rosemary's Killer. Spoiler Alert - The killer is revealed in the following images.
The Prowler 8" Retro Style Figure

Fully Authorized​
All New Designed Bandless Body​
Paints by Martin Cage​​
Custom Movie Style Handmade Clothing 
​Sculpt Steve Thompson
Accessories by Pablo Valenzuela​
Box Illustration by Craig Holloway
Inside Illustration by Pyromallis
Layout and Design by Merritt
Special thanks to Greg Chick and Bill Lustig​
Handmade and Limited to 10​​​​0

This figure was made for Pallbearer Press. We only have a few available here on the Distinctive Dummies Website. If the figure is unavailable, please head over to the Pallbearer Press Website at https://pallbearerpress.com