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Frank and Freddy - Return of the Living Dead
Distinctive Dummies are once again proud to team up with Pallbearer Press to continue their line of official Return of the Living Dead figures with Frank and Freddy. Figures come complete with accessories and inter-changable heads, arms and hands
Frank and Freddy 8" Retro Style Figures

Fully Authorized​
Bandless Body​
Paints by Martin Cage​​
Custom Movie Style Handmade Clothing 
​Sculpt Pablo Valenzuela
Box Illustration by Craig Holloway
Inside Illustration by Pyromallis
Layout and Design by Merritt
Split Dog Accessory
Frank - Interchangeable ​arms and head (human and zombie)
Pocket Pens
Freddy - Interchangeable head and hands​ (human and zombie)
FU Design to rear of jacket​

This figure was made for Pallbearer Press. We only have a few available here on the Distinctive Dummies Website. If the figure is unavailable, please head over to the Pallbearer Press Website at https://pallbearerpress.com
Shipping Dec 11th 2023
Price $225 Inclusive of WorldWide Shipping