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Trash and Suicide
Return of The Living Dead​

Distinctive Dummies have again teamed up with Pallbearer Press to bring you the couple of the year 1985, Trash and Suicide from Return of the Living Dead.
This figure is fully authorized and limited to 100. We only have a small​ amount on the DD website so if the Sold Out button is up, please head on over to the Pallbearer Press website to reserve your copy.

Trash and Suicide 8" Megostyle Figure - Return of The Living Dead

Fully Authorized​
Twin Pack​
Bandless Bodies
Paints by Martin Cage​​
Custom Handmade Clothing 
​Sculpt by Tim Stephson
Box Illustration by Craig Holloway
Insert Illustration by Pyromallis
Layout and Design by Merrit
Handmade and Limited to 100​​​​​

Price $165.00 which Includes Worldwide Shipping
Shipping May 31st 2021
If the PayPal Purchase Button is not available it means our small amount is sold out, so head on over to Pallbearer Press to reserve your copy.