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Dr. Pretorius
12" Custom Figure (B/W Version)

Dr. Septimus Pretorius, a philosopher and mentor to Henry Frankenstein, is banished for his arcane experiments and strikes out on his own, creating fantastic tiny creatures called Homunculi. He forces the despondant Henry, to save his bride Elizabeth, to create a female companion for the Monster. Pretorious succeeds, only to be blown to atoms at the hands of the heartbroken Frankenstein's Monster, who is rejected by his new Bride. In the Monsters'
words.... "WE BELONG DEAD...."

Item Specifics
Approx 12" tall
Custom Pro Print Box
Custom Hand Made Clothing
Likeness by Steve Thompson Doctors Gown Accessory
Artwork by Robert Aragon
Very Limited

Price $110 Inclusive of Worldwide Shipping
Shipping April 2nd               2013