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Boris Karloff as Hjalmar Poelzig
While honeymooning on the Orient Express and headed for Visegard, Hungary, novelist Peter Alison (David Manners) and his wife Joan (Julie Bishop) meet Doctor Vitus Werdegast (Bela Lugosi), a psychiatrist on his way to Gömbös to visit his old friend, architect Hjalmar Poelzig (Boris Karloff), after spending the past 15 years as a prisoner of war in Siberia. When the bus to Hotel Hungaria in Gömbös overturns on a rainy mountain road and Joan is injured, Werdegast invites them along to Poelzig's house so that he can treat the injury. There, Werdegast discovers that Poelzig, who married Werdegast's wife during his captivity, now displays her preserved corpse in a glass case in the turret. Poelzig, obviously gone mad, intends to sacrifice Joan in a Satanic ritual during tomorrow's dark moon. In an attempt to save Joan's life, Werdegast engages Poelzig in a game of chess....and loses
Item Specifics
Boris Karloff - Hjalmar Poelzig Megostyle 8" Figure
Limited to 100
Custom Hand Made Clothing
Individually Hand Painted
Type S Bandless Body
Card Art by Robert Aragon
Likeness Sculpted by Joe Hope
Boris Karloff Likeness Licensed by Karloff Enterprises/Sara Karloff

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