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Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
12" Custom Figure

Transylvania, 1804, Kah, a High Priest of the temple of Pang Kwei travels to Castle Dracula to enlist the aid of the immortal Count Dracula in restoring his temples power, by resurrecting the 7 Golden Vampires. Dracula agrees and then possesses the body of Kah, then returns to to China to reestablish the Undead Cult. Kah's plans are foiled by the intervention of a group of brave vampire hunters led by Prof. Van Helsing and his son, Leyland. Using arcane knowledge of the undead and aided by a team of martial arts masters the battle to save the world from the 7 Golden Vampires and the Prince of Evil himself...Dracula.

Item Specifics
Approx 12" tall
Custom Pro Print Box
Custom Hand Made Clothing
Likeness by Steve Thompson
Removable Mask
Sword / Bat Medallion
Very Limited

Price $110 Inclusive of Worldwide Shipping
Shipping May 30th 2014