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Peter Cushing Dr. Terror
12" Custom Figure

Five strangers board a train where the meet the mysterious Dr. Schreck, a bizarre little man who offers to tell their fortunes with his deck of Tarot Cards. In turn, each of the passengers learns of a horrible fate. The architect who finds a vengeful werewolf at his ancestral home, the man whose house gets smothered by a deadly plant, the musician who learns he shouldn't dabble with voodoo, the art dealer who gets an unhelping hand, and the doctor who learns his new bride is a vampire. Has the strange Dr. Schreck offered a glimpse of their future, or has he foretold their terrible past?

Item Specifics
Approx 12" tall
Custom Pro Print Box
Custom Hand Made Clothing
Likeness by Steve Thompson
Miniature Deck 0f Tarot cards
Artwork by Robert Aragon
Very Limited

Price $110 Inclusive of Worldwide Shipping
Shipping November 30th 2013